Pastor Dave was invited to preach at Restoration Community Church on the topic of Racism during their "Controversial Issues" series. No one could have known that he would be preaching on racism the same weekend white supremacists descended upon Charlottesville, VA. Watch his sermon below:

When god speaks...who will listen?

Pastor Dave was invited to speak at Restoration Community Church's Alter Experience weekend. Here is his sermon delivered on Pentecost Sunday.

Who is Jesus? Part six: "Gospel"

The Gospel of Jesus the Christ. What is it? How did he talk about it?

Who is jesus? part five: "Baptized and Tempted"

Before he called his disciples and began his ministry, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and faced temptations in the wilderness.

Who is jesus? part four: "jesus of nazareth

Where was he from? Why does it matter? Listen as Rose speaks about the context in which Yeshua was born and raised and scroll down to find the conversation that followed:

who is jesus? Part three: "son of mary"

Pastor Dave leads a conversation about the genealogy of Jesus; focusing on the five women included (Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Batsheba & Mary)

who is jesus? part two: "they call him yeshua"

Will Dickerson leads a conversation causing us to wonder why it is that Yeshua became Jesus....and...What happens when Empire gets a hold of Yeshua's movement?

who is jesus? part one

Before we can begin to discover who Jesus is, we have to uncover who he was. Join us as we discuss some of the ways we've heard about Jesus in our lives.


 A journey from Palm Sunday to the Cross, landing on Resurrection Sunday. Will Dickerson starts us off with the question; "Which Yeshua were you expecting?" Dave Capozzi asks; " What are you washing your hands of today?" And Rose Percy reminds us that the resurrection of Christ sustains us in the darkness.

Environmental justice

Uli Becker leads a conversation focused on why we must change in our relationship to the world in which we live.


Using Christ as our example, Rose Percy leads a conversation on what it means for us as Christians to embody justice.

Mass Incarceration

The USA makes up 5% of the world's population, but holds 25% of the world's prisoners. In this sermon, Pastor Dave argues that the Church must go beyond the work of prison reform towards dependence upon the Spirit to set the captives free.