What does it look like to be a peacemaker in the way of Jesus in our world today?


Gathering at the table

When we gather at the Lord's Table, all of the walls, stereotypes and power dynamics that rule this world are cast aside. Jesus offers his body and blood in a way that invites all people to the banquet feast, including those that would betray or deny him. It is at this Feast where we are blessed; where hope is restored; where faith is ignited; where thirst will be quenched; where none can walk away hungry.


Listening leading to understanding

There are very few places in our society that allow for people from differing age, race, gender, culture or socioeconomic backgrounds to come together in order to understand one another. Really listening to people from all walks of life will open our eyes to the joy and pain of others. As a community seeking to be patterned after the way of Jesus, we believe our existence to be incarnational rather than charitable. This means that we seek to come to an intimate knowledge of the people and communities we live among prior to offering solutions of any kind.  


Active community engagement

As the body of Christ, the Church is a community of people that bring Good News into a world in which many have lost hope. We value active community engagement because the Church can never be separate from life in the city if it seeks to be a source of light and hope in this world. We, therefore, seek to be a blessing to Brockton through relationships with local churches, businesses and non-profits, advancing the message of reconciliation to God and one another.